Hey guys! I am Sarah and I love to doodle. It just so happens that I have lucked out and somehow managed to make a career out of it. Combining my love of clean lines and digital mediums, I am able to do what I love, Graphic Design. I am passionate about helping my clients personalize their brand to reflect who they are and what they do. While working to build my business, I get to meet new people, explore different avenues of thought and continue to challenge myself professionally. I love learning and expanding my knowledge and know-how. If I don’t know the answer, I will find it.

I am a lover of Procreate and use programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Indesign & Photoshop to fine tune my projects. I know I make it sound professional, but let’s be honest, while you’re reading this, I am most likely working happily at home, in comfy pants, listening to some music on Soundcloud with a dog at my feet.

I recently created a series called Pets Drawn Badly, but Kinda Cute. It’s been one of my all time favorite projects. My love of animals, meets graphic design. I started doodling people’s pets on Reddit, and it has blossomed into a full on pet portrait service. Through this project I provide portraits for shelter animals seeking adoption, as well as senior pets absolutely free. I have also been able to use this series as a way to help raise funds for dogs in need. You can check out these “badly” drawn pets here Pets Drawn Badly.

While I am not in my bat cave creating digital artistry and managing projects, I am spending time with my husband, Stephen and our two dogs, Lilly & Cady. I am very family oriented and believe in family first. I’m from a small town in southern Missouri. I love road tripping home to see family, and to camp and fish. My love of art stems from my love of nature, so being home, out in the forest gives me the best creative boost.
While graphic design is my main job, my first love & forever love is music. I have played flute and composed music for 15+ years now. In the fall of 2018 I joined and fell in love with The Social Symphony of Kansas City , where I now serve on the board as Creative Director. I manage social media, marketing and any graphic design the symphony requires.
Thanks for taking the time to read and learn a little bit more about me. If you’re a client, I hope we can create something great together! If you’re a random internet stranger, what’s good?